OFB READY Sets Updated:

All updated items had minor mesh issues correctly (usually hard seams were removed and polys reduced), textures improved, and thumbnails corrected.  None of the updates will affect game play, only the visual appearance of the objects.  These changes will only be visible on higher end systems with video cards capable of seeing the problems to begin with.  Any major issue - such as a GUID conflict - is in red.  None of the changes should affect 3rd party recolors unless noted on the download page.  Placement problems (item facing the wrong way by default) and thumbnails issues were corrected whenever I found them.  Thumbnails will only update in your game if you delete the thumbnails.cache file so if it bothers you delete it, if not don't worry. 


  1. Ms. Claus Bakery - minor issues corrected on several items.  GUID Conflict with the counter corrected. 
  2. Hat Shop - all hats resized to a sim appropriate size.  Several new recolors, new hats and new displays added.
  3. Bella's Secret - The Panty Counter had some shadowing corrected.
  4. Built - 90% of this set was updated to correct texture issues
  5. The Liquor Store - everything was resized to a sim appropriate size. One new object and recolor added.
  6. Journeys of Soul - Great Book mesh & Plain Altar mesh had shadowing corrected, the chalice had a seam removed & the glass case texture was improved slightly.
  7. Fabric Shop - the 3 Vertical Rolls & Thread Spool had seams corrected.
  8. Outdoor Fun - Trees, Shrubs, Gelator Cart had seams corrected and/or polys reduced.
  9. Purse Shop - all purses resized to a sim appropriate size.  Several new recolors added.  Flower purse completely redone.
  10. Valentine's Day 07 - Champagne Bottle & Candle in Bottle resized. 
  11. Halloween 06 - Treat or Treat Pumpkin & Catkin resized to sim' child size.  Skull had shadowing fixed.  Spooktini changed slightly.
  12. Herb Shop - Cup O Java mesh updated to remove seam & corrected placement.  Updated the tea cup, tea pot, & bag of herbs.  Also added tea box, tea tin, honey, an entire set of shelving, tables, signs, & artwork.
  13. Party Zone - Silly String & Wrap & Ribbon updated to remove seam.  Silly String rotated to place correctly.
  14. Halal Grocer - Updated both hanging sausages & bologna rolls to remove seams, added some boxed foods, & new hanging foods. 
  15. Sim Depot - Paint roller & tray resized to sim appropriate size.  Seams fixed on roller, paint brush, & propane tank.
  16. Second Reef - Tote bag reized to sim appropriate size.  Corner shelf added.  Removed shadowing on all shelving.
  17. Baby Land - Formula updated to remove seam
  18. Produce Aisle - watermelon & pineapple updated to remove seam.  Updated texture map on the watermelon.
  19. Sports Galore - soccer goal sized appropriately, balls, baseball bat & tennis racket sized appropriately.  Removed seems on goal post.
  20. Flakes - Removed shadowing on both shelves.
  21. Ice Cream Shoppe - Removed shadowing and seaming on all meshes and most had minor reductions in poly counts.. 
  22. Halloween 2007 (12-6-07) - Made the Halloween Dining Table recolorable
  23. Urban Objects (1-19-08):  Added two new items and created the collection file for the whole set
  24. Cat Stuff (1-19-08):  Added some new items and created the collection file for the whole set.  Added a recolor to cat litter file.
  25. Misc Section (1-19-08):  Moved the fancy shelf to the dog section and added two recolors