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Terms of Use / License Agreement:

HChangeri holds the copyright and intellectual property rights on all original creations. Non-original items are marked as such and are subject to the terms and agreements of the original owner(s).


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Copyrights and Fair Use Clauses can be very confusing and frustrating to decipher. Many other communities of content creators (software development the biggest) offer various types of community license agreements to make it easy to control exactly how your content is distributed. The Creator Codex gives creators the same easy access to fair use license agreements which can be tailored on an object-by-object, mesh-by-mesh basis.  If you would like to learn more about it please visit the forum: Creator Codex Forum


Retail Sims is now a member of the Creator Codex.

This is the meaning of the symbols that I will use on my site:

Recolors allowed You may recolor the object

Mesh can be uploaded with lots (NO Exchange) You may include the object mesh with your house

Mesh can be distributed with recolors You may offer the original mesh file with your recolors

Files without symbols are not allowed to be changed or redistributed in any way. They are only meant for private use.

Credit to must still be provided regardless of the permissions attached the files.

Hotlinking is forbidden.

Deeplinking is allowed and encouraged!

The Creator Codex offers a variety of permissions and fair use terms. If you are a Sims 2 content creator I strongly encourage you to check them out by visiting their forum: Creator Codex Forum



  1. You may use my content in your movies provided that you give credit to HChangeri at in the credits section of your movie. If you can provide links and/or credits on your download page then please provide them.
  2. If you use any of my content please send me the link so I can advertise your work on my site and in the forum!
  3. If you see an item(s) that you like but need it to have a function it does not have, I am unfortunately unable to hack my work. However, if you or someone you know can do so just email me with the item(s) you need. I can send you the original mesh file (unmerged, uv mapped, easily jointed), the original texture maps, and the original .psd files (assuming you have Photoshop). I only ask the the hacked item be posted only to my site - full credit to all those who worked on it would, of course, be given.



  1. If you recolor my objects please join my recolor forum and advertise your work! This is not a requirement, just a suggestion. If you don't want to subscribe to yet another forum, just send me an email with a picture and a link and I will post it for you.
  2. If you recolor my objects I strongly encourage you to deeplink to the set the original mesh file can be found in.
  3. I will make my original texture map (.bmp) and .psd file available to any recolorist who asks. PSD files require PhotoShop or a graphics program capable of viewing that extension. Seeing the original map and .psd file can help you determine what extra details you may be able to add to the mesh. You may also use portions of the original .PSD file in your recolor (ie adjust the hue, color balance, etc)




  1. All walls and floors on RetailSims and/or created by HChangeri come with the following permission: Mesh can be uploaded with lots (NO Exchange)  Credit must still be given if used.
  2. If you use a variety of my objects from different sets in your lot, please contact me. I can set up an "easy shopping" page specific to your lot with links to all the downloads needed to complete your lot.
  3. If you use my work in your lot please join my forum and advertise your work! This is not a requirement, just a suggestion. If you don't want to subscribe to yet another forum, just send me an email with a picture and a link and I will post it for you.
  4. ALL content on and can be considered TSRAA. If you need me to upload any specific content to TSR to help with the approval process there, just let me know.

Under no circumstance may a mesh be extracted and used in any way, shape or form without direct, written consent from HChangeri. Violation of this can result in legal action by HChangeri and/or