OFB Ready Shops

Items in the Open for Business Ready Sets often do not require the Open for Business Expansion pack. EP requirements are noted with each objects description so you can avoid downloading objects that require EPs you do not have.

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Click to visit Ms. Claus' Bakery
Ms. Claus' Bakery
17 meshes, 28 recolors
Click to Visit bubble
bubble - for women
18 meshes, 33 Recolors
Click to Visit Outdoor FUn
Winter 2006 - Outdoors
14 meshes, 1 recolor
Click to visit Flakes
Winter 2006 - Flakes
10 meshes, 27 Recolors
Click to visit the Colorama Tribute Set
Winter 2006 - Colorama Tribute
6 meshes, 27 recolors, 1 wall  
Click to visit the Candy Coated Set
Candy Coated
8 meshes, 40 recolors, 1 wall
Click here to visit the Old Fashioned (or not) Sweet Shop
Old Fashioned Sweet Shop
4 meshes, 27 recolors
Click to visit Halloween 2006
Halloween 2006
12 meshes, 10 recolors, 10 walls  
Click to visit the mini skate shop
Mini Skate Shop
2 meshes, 10 Recolors
Click to visit the Produce Aisle
Produce Aisle
13 meshes, 14 recolors
Click to Visit EB Sims
EB Sims
8 meshes, 22 Recolors
Click here to visit the Ice Cream Shop
Ice Cream Shop
10 meshes, 28 Recolors
Click to visit Sports Galore
Sports Galore
15 meshes, 13 recolors
Click to visit the Liquor Store
Liquor Store
12 meshes, 32 recolors
Visit the Camping Store
Camping Shop
9 meshes, 13 recolors
Click to visit the Goth/Vamp/Geek set
Goth - Vamp - Geek
10 meshes, 37 recolors
Click to visit Journeys of the Soul
Journeys of the Soul - Pagan Shop
16 meshes, 40 recolors
Click to visit the Fabric Shop
Fabric Shop
7 meshes, 26 recolors
Click to visit the Herb, Tea & Bath Shoppe
Herb, Tea & Bath Shoppe
16 meshes, 51 recolors
Click to Visit the Hat Shoppe
Hat Shoppe
15 meshes, 32 recolors
Click here to visit Sim Depot
Sim Depot
(construction items)
15 meshes, 13 Recolors  
Click to Visit The Purse Shop
The Purse Shop
10 meshes, 36 recolors
Click to visit the Grocery Store
Grocery Store
5 meshes, 4 Recolors
Click to Visit All The Stuff That Doesn't Fit Elsewhere!
Individual Items
29 meshes, 64 Recolors & counting!