April Showers Bring May Flowers - A Sims 2 Community Project

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 April Showers Bring May Flowers - A Sims 2 Community Project

We bring this set to you today, not just as a pack of custom content but as much more.

This community started back in the sims 1 days. With people coming together, learning together and then spreading their wings into their own endeavors but still keeping the close friendships they forged. Lately there has been alot of drama, theft and hatred circulating in this community with others trying to deem certain creators as better than others or trying to control what individual creators do with their own time and effort and art work. This is not how this community was meant to be. We all have the same goal- to create beautiful things, learn new things, and share with people who enjoy the same game we all do. It's time that we realized that it doesn't matter how web sites are run, or what people chose to do with their own content. This community should always be about friendship.

Each of us run our own sites or participate in web sites, all of which have different policies and rules and ways of operating. However underneath all of that we are FRIENDS. And that above all is what truly matters. We do not concern ourselves with judging each other, only enjoying each other as unique people, with a common interest. We bring you this set to show you that out of the dark times, beautiful things can happen when we drop our own opinions, and let go of the drama and control, and truly appreciate each other as individual creators who enjoy making content for the community. We hope that this will allow some people to really come back to the main goal of the community and back to making new friends, treasuring old and enjoying what the community has to offer instead of hurting people over opinions.

Please enjoy this set we have made for you, as friends.

This set is a nice decorative add-on to your sims Springtime Season.


It includes the following content:

Build Mode:

18 Pool Walls
2 New Trees
Curly Fence Mesh - Requires ONE EP- any EP

Buy Mode:

Decorative Can of Worms

1 full for lot (small) - Open for Business Required
1 full for lot (large) - Open for Business Required
one half for lot - Open for Business Required
one pot of gold
one Neighborhood Deco Rainbow

Maypole- One deco, one as a radio for dancing
Wisteria- 3 Versions
Trellis Planters
Square Flower Paintings- Mesh by Chinafansims
Long Flower Paintings- mesh by beosboxyboy
Rose Trees
Potted Roses
Spring Rugs- Mesh by Echo
Shrubs, Grasses and Rocks
Spring Bench
Flower Planter
Pagoda and Lights
New Painting Mesh- Framed and unframed versions
Walk In Closet

Body Shop:

New Female Hair mesh with Spring Hat (4 colors)
Veronica Sim- Season Required
Ben Sim- University is Required
2 XXL Spring Dresses


Garden Center Community Lot - University is RequiredNightlife RequiredOpen for Business RequiredPets is RequiredSeasons is Required
Spring Themed Starter Home

This set proudly brought to you by:

ExnemSims - The Sims Resource - Studio B43 - Sims Connection - ReflexSims - Retail Sims - BeosBoxBoy - Nengi65 - KomoSims - Besen Sims - Murano Mobilia - Sims 2 Workshop

Click each link to view pictures and download the files in .zip format


Happy Simming!